Product description


• window opening signal,
• heating control,
• compact dimensions,
• discreet design,
• long-life battery ER14250 S

Window opening sensors - characteristics
The window opening sensor is a small and discreet device that allows you to achieve even greater savings in heating management. It is a device dedicated to the expansion of the zone heating control kit. The window opening sensor communicates with the host wirelessly at 868 MHz. It is powered by a long-life battery. Window opening sensors are compatible with many devices for controlling radiators, including wireless versions of underfloor system controllers, WiFi 8S controllers, WiFi 8S mini or ST-16S WiFi. The sensors are the perfect complement to the radiator system. Thanks to the minimalist design, they look good in any room: classic and modern.

The principle of operation of sensors
Window opening sensors detect and signal the opening of the window in the room, thus preventing uncontrolled heat losses during ventilation. When the window is opened, the window opening sensor transmits information about it to the main controller. On the basis of the information obtained, the main controller controls the electric actuators and closes them in a given zone.

How to install the window opening sensor
The installation of the window opening sensor is very simple. First, stick the double-sided tape on the upper part of the window frame (not on the hinge side), and then the rear part of the window sensor to the tape. Then put the main part of the sensor on it. The set with the C-2n window opening sensor includes a battery and tapes to be attached to the window.

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