Room regulators

Our wired and wireless room thermostats are first class electronic devices dedicated for installation and for gas boilers. Their advantage is the possibility of individual room heating control suited to your needs and the possibility of a heated building.

Room thermostats available in our offer

Our range consists of two-state room thermostats or RS communication, room thermostats dedicated to gas boilers with the possibility of Open Therm communication and room thermostats sets with a wide range of wireless management capabilities. Room heating control can also be operated remotely using the eModul internet module. Both wired and wireless room thermostats are easy to use, therefore the parameter editing will not cause problems for people who do not have specialist knowledge about room

Heating control. Different programming possibilities

Room heating controllers are devices that allow you to set a specific temperature that the user expects in a given room. A simple radiator room thermostat allows you to program the temperature in day / night or weekly mode (this allows you to determine in which hours and on what days of the week a higher temperature is needed, and when it can be lowered). More advanced room heating controllers have additional vacation mode, freeze protection or party mode.

How do room heater temperature controllers work?

Using a temperature sensor, an electronic wireless or wired room thermostat acquires the information about the room temperature value and compares it with the one set by the user. In case the temperature reaches the desired level, the temperature controller sends information about the need to stop the CO pump or turning off the boiler. More advanced temperature controllers also control the DHW temperature or a mixing valve.

Digital Room Thermostats - aesthetics and high quality

Room thermostats are devices that are characterized by modern design and precise execution. Room thermostats from TECH CONTROLLERS are flush-mounted and available on most models with a color, touch-sensitive display that can act as an electronic photo frame (a slideshow as a screensaver). Each thermostat has a durable and elegant casing, thanks to which we guarantee that the temperature regulator will maintain a good appearance for many years. Saving can go hand in hand with thermal comfort

The installation of room thermostats is a great way to reduce heating bills, which are still one of the highest in the family budget. Decreasing the temperature at night and during the stay outside the home allows you to reduce the fuel consumption needed to heat the rooms, and thus reduce unnecessary costs. Importantly, room thermostats can be programmed for each day of the week in advance and thus save a lot of time.