Care for the natural environment is our priority. Being aware of the fact that we manufacture electronic devices obligates us to dispose of used elements and electronic equipment in a manner which is safe for nature. As a result, the company has received a registry number assigned by the Main Inspector of Environmental Protection.


Numer rejestrowy nadany przez Głównego Inspektora Ochrony Środowiska

The symbol of a crossed out rubbish bin on a product means that the product must not be thrown out to ordinary waste bins. By segregating waste intended for recycling, we help protect the natural environment. It is the user’s responsibility to transfer waste electrical and electronic equipment to the selected collection point for recycling of waste generated from electronic and electrical equipment.



Symbol przekreślonego kosza

„To agree with nature and to live in accordance with it is the utmost right.”


Cyceron (106 p.n.e.-43 p.n.e.).