Room regulators for frame systems

Room regulators for frame systems

Wired frame-mounted 230V powered two-state room regulators

Wireless frame-mounted 230V powered two-state room regulators

Two-state room temperature regulators are modern devices used for precise measurement and editing of temperature depending on the user's preferences. Thanks to their work in rooms, it is possible to obtain the desired thermal comfort and at the same time reduce heating bills.

Two-state room regulator - how it works
The flush-mounted room regulator is intended to control a heating or cooling device. It allows you to easily maintain the desired temperature in the room by sending a signal with information about the need to reheat or cool it to a given temperature. The frame room regulator communicates with the controller of heating devices by means of a wire or wireless connection, depending on the specific model. The devices are powered by 230V 50Hz.

Functions of two-state room regulators - depends on the model.
Each two-state TECH Controllers room regulator is adapted to support various functions. First of all, a flush-mounted room regulator allows you to manage the temperature depending on the time of day and activity with an accuracy of up to 0.1 ° C. The basic setting is the day / night program in which the user defines a separate set temperature for the day and night and determines the hours when the two-state room regulator starts the day and night time. For greater convenience and time saving, it is possible to program the temperature in the flush-mounted room regulator for 7 days in advance, using the weekly program. In turn, the manual program allows you to manually save specific operating parameters. The temperature is then set directly from the main screen of the two-state room regulator by means of buttons. When the manual mode is active, the previously active program remains dormant until the next programmed change of the set temperature.

Depending on the model, the flush-mounted room regulator can perform additional functions, such as the Optimum Start function, i.e. the intelligent heating and cooling control system, or the heating / cooling mode, which allows you to select the mode of operation of the device (operating the cooling or heating installation). If a floor sensor is connected to a two-state TECH room regulator, it is also possible to control the floor temperature and prevent it from cooling down on sunny days.

The modern look of the devices
Two-state room regulators with frame type are devices with a large, easy-to-read display, which allows for easy and quick temperature reading. Depending on the settings, other information can also be obtained, e.g. the current time. TECH room regulators are very intuitive to use, and thanks to their neutral colors, they perfectly match both traditional and modern arrangements. The front of TECH two-state room regulators is made of glass, which guarantees an aesthetic appearance.

Installation of drivers
Each room regulator is mounted in a box with a cross-section of 60 mm. In the case of wired models of two-state room regulators, use the attached communication cable, which is plugged into the heating device. Only one TECH room regulator can be connected to each zone. During installation, it is worth remembering about the basic rules, i.e. not to place the devices in places with strong sunlight or on external walls, so as not to affect the measurement result.

For detailed information, e.g. a two-state room regulator - how it works, or how to make various settings, it is worth looking at the user manual of the selected device model.