Controlling roller shutters and awnings Controlling roller shutters and awnings

Controlling roller shutters and awnings

Get your home ready for a perfect day!

… when the morning sun is about to to wake up everybody at home, you can close the roller shutters with one button and let your loved ones remain in blissful sleep. When the dusk falls, you can cover all the windows combining pleasant atmosphere with the sense of security and privacy. Sinum will also close the roller shutters during peak sunlight hours to provide your family with maximum thermal comfort.

Control all roller shutters with on button

Open and close all the roller shutters in your house when you wake up or when it is getting dark outside.
  • Control all the roller shutters without leaving your bed or while spending time with your children.
  • Gain maximum comfort and confidence that your roller shutters are open or closed whenever it is needed.
  • Let the system close the roller shutters automatically on hot days, during peak sunlight hours.

    Open and close the roller shutters in particular rooms at a predefined time

    Control the roller shutters in particular rooms and adjust their work to your family daily routine.
    • Program the roller shutters to open and close at particular times in your rooms, kitchen and terrace.
    • Set specific hours and let the system do the work for you.

    In scenarios

    Integrate the operation of roller shutters with lighting and other functionalities so that your home always offers ideal atmosphere, safety and comfort.
    • Create automatic scenarios suited to the time of day and the lifestyle of those younger and older household members.

    When you are at work or on holiday

    While you are away, the roller shutters will mimic your presence by opening and closing at certain times.
    • Protect your house against nosy people and uninvited guests.
    • Boost your safety at home.