Radiator heating controllers

EU-WiFi 8S

Internet Room regulator for controlling electric actuators

Product description

• controlling up to 8 different zones with the use of:
- built-in temperature sensor or one wired sensor included in set  EU-C-7 p (EU-WiFi 8S)
- wireless sensor EU-C-mini (included with WiFi 8S mini)
- possibility of connecting up to 8 wireless sensors EU-C-mini, EU-C-8r or room regulators EU-R-8b, EU-R-8z, EU-R-8b Plus
• NO/NC relay output (e.g. for controlling the heating device which is activated when the room temperature is too low)
• possibility of connecting up to 6 wireless electric actuators STT-868/STT-869 in each zone
• possibility of connecting up to 6 modules EU-MW-1 / EU-MW-1 230
• possibility of installing up to 6 wireless window opening sensors EU-C-2n
• possibility of updating the software via USB port
• each zone can be assigned an individual operating mode (constant temperature, time limit or 6 schedules)
• compatible with wireless external sensor EU-C-8 zr

• power supply 5V
• additional wired temperature sensor EU-C-7 p (WiFi 8S)
• additional wireless temperature sensor EU-C-mini (WiFi 8S mini)


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