Integration Integration


Integration with devices

Thanks to the use of open communication protocols and cooperation with leading companies in the heating and installation industry, the Sinum system enables communication and control with devices such as:

• heat pumps (Modbus RTU/TCP) • recuperators (Modbus RTU/TCP) • air conditioners (Modbus RTU/TCP) • audio devices (HTTP/MQTT) • TECH Controllers devices (TECH RS)

Thanks to the Sinum system, all these devices can be managed in one place, from one application.
In addition, thanks to the use of API and communication protocols, we can integrate with Sinum much more devices.

Previo Reception System

Thanks to the Sinum system, we can integrate with the Previo Reception System. Now you can manage rooms automatically. The room heating will turn on during the reservation period and automatically switch to energy-saving mode after departure. Managing your hotel or guesthouse has never been easier.

Integration with leading manufacturers in Poland

Integration with inverters

Thanks to integration with inverters and energy meters, the Sinum System enables efficient monitoring and display of electricity production data. System integration allows users to continuously monitor and optimize the performance of their photovoltaic system

Control the music in your home

By connecting with audio devices, you now have the opportunity to play your favorite music when you return home. Additionally, music can now wake you up in the morning to start your day off right. We support, among others:

  • Yamaha MusicCast
  • Volumio


The TECH SBUS encrypted communication protocol enables connection of wired devices of the Sinum system to the central device. It allows you to expand the functionality of the whole system with additional modules and devices. Connecting other devices makes it possible to use them in scenes and automations in order to take full advantage of the Sinum system.


The TECH RS communication protocol allows up to 4 TECH Controllers devices to be connected to the Sinum central device. These are such devices as underfloor heating controllers, heat recovery ventilation units, heat pumps or pellet boilers. Thanks to the integration, all settings and parameters may be found in one place, available for user control. Additionally, they can be used together with other devices to create scenes and automations. Compatible devices just need to be plugged into the Sinum central device and they are ready to be used.


It is an open Client-Server protocol which enables control of devices. Thanks to MODBUS RTU/TCP RS-485 input in the Sinum central device, you can control any device connected to it. All you need to know to be able to control a device via the Sinum central device are the right addresses and codes provided by the device manufacturer. You can display and adjust the parameters of the devices, and thanks to automations and scenes you can use them together with other devices.


It is an HTTP-based communication protocol. More and more devices offer the option of remote control via the Internet. If the device manufacturer provides HTTP API, the device may be integrated into the Sinum system, enabling remote control and access to the device parameters. Additionally, by using automations and scenes, you can coordinate their operation with other devices connected to the Sinum central device.


A protocol for communicating with devices that do not require high bandwidth. This protocol is based on the transfer of messages between clients via a central server-broker. Through appropriate queries, the Sinum system can communicate with devices using this data transmission protocol.