Floor heating controllers

Underfloor heating systems are very effective and economical way of heating your home. It allow you to have a greater heating comfort with real savings. To talk about savings you need one system that will regulate the amount of heat delivered to the rooms. Floor heating control system from TECH Controllers. Controllers are specialized, modern devices that support the management and control of temperature in each room separately. The use of floor heating controllers is time-saving and ensure full thermal comfort in whole house.

Underfloor heating control – cost

Underfloor heating systems are often use as independent or auxiliary way of heating residential buildings. Thanks to the fact that underfloor heating systems transfer some of the energy by means of radiation, thermal comfort is achieved at a much lower temperature, which allows for significant savings. Underfloor heating is also cheaper to operate and has higher efficiency than radiator heating.

To reduce the cost of floor heating, it is necessary to install floor heating controllers to manage their work. Thanks to the ability to decide on the temperature in each room separately, you can contribute to even greater savings, while adjusting the temperature level to everyday activities.

Underfloor heating systems by TECH Controllers

The company TECH Controllers offers its clients four functional, modern underfloor heating control systems that are fully adapted to work in complex heating systems. Floor heating controllers series 5, 6, 7 and 8, thanks to the numerous functions that they perform, significantly affect the optimal temperature control. In the floor heating system controller series 5, the user can edit the temperature values from the room regulator. The other series have an advanced menu, from which you can manage the temperature in the rooms. Among the underfloor heating systems, two series are designed for wired installation (series 5 and 7) and one for wireless installation (series 8). In floor heating systems series 7 and 8, advanced control panels are additionally available, thanks to which you can control and change parameters set on all slave floor heating controllers from one device. The possibility of connecting 7 and 8 series underfloor heating systems with an Internet module allows you to also control and manage the system from the eModul app

Floor heating controllers - a convenient way to save heat

Underfloor heating systems allow individual temperature control in each room also from the mobile devices. What's more, floor heating controllers made by TECH Controllers allow the connection of a pump and a heating device for additional heating source. These floor heating controllers are adapted to operate in various heating systems and quickly recognize new components. Each of underfloor heating systems has been prepared to be functional and easy to use. Thanks to this, it is possible to control the heating comfortably and achieve a comfortable temperature and significant savings.