The TECH Controllers Company was established in 2004. Since then, it has been continuously growing, rapidly becoming a leader in the production of electronic devices for heating, whether powered by solid fuel or other energy sources. Currently, our company occupies a total area of 7500 m², with several hundred employees working in various departments. The specialized controllers for various types of devices are sold both nationally and in 19 European countries.

Siedziba firmy

Rich Offer of Modern Products

Our company produces controllers for every type of heating device, enabling the maximum utilization of their potential. Thanks to precise, zonal heating in all rooms of a house, an ideal temperature is maintained for health and well-being. The product range includes:

All our heating management controllers are carefully designed both visually and functionally, focusing on the comfort and savings of users. We hold current compliance certificates with the European Directive, confirming that our products meet the requirements of standards harmonized with the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

Advanced Solutions in Controller Development

Hala produkcyjna

The production of controllers in our facility is a fully automated process taking place on two production lines. We regularly introduce new features in current device models and create new models that enrich the existing product range. At every stage of controller production, we conduct special quality control tests ensuring the long life and high comfort of the devices. Each programmer collaborates with a tester who checks the correctness of operation and the slightest changes in the devices' logic. On-site, we have our own laboratory where we perform device inspections at every stage. In a special climatic chamber, we also check the controller's performance under different temperature conditions.

Dedicated Tools for Users

Our company's programmers have developed a special eModul app, allowing remote management of heating devices and room temperature using a mobile phone or tablet. This enables additional savings on heating when away from home, with users having control over the heating system parameters while at work, traveling, or shopping.

Zarządzanie ogrzewaniem przez internet

Another modern tool of our company is the configurator available on the website. It is designed for those who want to independently determine which devices they need for heating control. The Systems Configurator allows users to quickly, easily, and comprehensibly select control system elements based on their needs, preferred installation, and building type. Users can customize their set based on the number of rooms and whether they have radiators or underfloor heating.

Installer Academy and Exhibition Vehicle

Akademia instalatora

We enjoy sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences, so as part of our activities, we have been organizing free training for installers for years. During these sessions, we showcase our devices and explain their operation, handling, and installation principles. The Installer Academy is regularly held at the TECH Controllers headquarters in Wieprz, and since 2019, training sessions have also been conducted in locations throughout the country. The Academy is always conducted based on the most up-to-date product catalogs, with participants provided additional promotional materials, a coffee buffet, and lunch. To sign up for an event, simply fill out a special registration form on the website:

Another opportunity for discussions about heating is our meetings with city residents in our special exhibition vehicle, which travels across Poland. The vehicle contains displays showcasing the latest and most popular models of heating control devices. The latest information about the vehicle's route can be found on the website:

Environmental Care

Environmental protection is our paramount value. In connection with the production of electronic devices in our facility, we take responsibility for the safe disposal of used components and electronic devices. We have a special registration number assigned to us by the Main Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, in accordance with the Act on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment of July 29, 2005. Additionally, all our products are marked with a crossed-out trash bin symbol. This indicates that equipment should not be thrown into regular waste bins. It is the duty of every user to deliver used equipment to a designated collection point for waste recycling.

Sponsorship Activities

For many years, our company has been involved in initiatives both locally and nationally. We willingly support events organized by educational institutions, city authorities, community centers, cultural and charitable organizations. We also assist local sports clubs, participate in sports competitions, and actively engage in industry events such as the international ISH trade fair in Frankfurt.

Our company is focused on achieving success in the competitive and challenging heating control market. Our capital is the people, their experience, knowledge, and ideas.