Radiator heating controllers

The investment in a wifi radiator thermostat and a properly selected radiator controller is a purchase for years that will ensure effective operation of the heating system and will allow you to feel the difference in thermal comfort , especially on cool evenings and mornings.

Intellingent thermostat - high level of heating control

Wireless radiator thermostats are easy to install and functional devices. With their help, the user can vary the temperature in separate rooms depending on their purpose, as well as their daily activities or time of day. In this way, the radiator room thermostat allows to obtain high thermal comfort in residential buildings and at the same time to keep heating costs lower. An intelligent radiator actuators, the STT-868 and STT-869 models are characterized by a classic design that fits well in both modern and traditional interior design. For greater comfort each electronic radiator actuator is controlled remotely, and is used by specially designed wireless radiator controllers with aesthetic appearance and diversified functionality.

Wireless systems for controlling electronic thermostats

The WiFi 8S, ST-8S WiFi controllers are main radiator controllers that enable control and change of heating parameters in 8 different heating zones in a building where wireless actuators are installed. By using radiator controllers, individual operation modes can be set for each zone in the building. A properly programmed controller will automatically open or close the wireless actuator at different times of the day, on different days of the week and precisely reduce or increase the room temperature depending on your needs. In addition to WiFi 8S, a wireless actuators from TECH can be operated from the ST-8S WiFi room regulator. This controller allows for simple and intuitive management of up to 6 thermoelectric actuators in each from 8 heating zones. Each radiator thermostat can be programmed to be used in one of the scheduled mode: manual, day / night, party, holiday or anti-freeze. The intelligent radiator controllers are efficient devices for keeping heating comfort on the highest level, maintaining the optimum temperature in the rooms and gaining a significant advantage over traditional building heating systems.