Lighting control Lighting control

Lighting control

That’s (b)right !

… what if you could turn on all the lights with one button while sitting comfortably in an armchair or enjoy the lighting that follows the household members from the terrace, through the corridor and stairs, up to their rooms? Sinum will not only make your life easier and more pleasant, but it will also help you save energy and take care of the environment by turning off the lights when no motion is detected in a room.

With one move/click

It’s enough to click or hold the button to switch on/off the lights throughout the house or in a particular room.
  • Turn on the light without leaving your sofa
  • Turn off the light when there’s nobody in the room
  • Make sure the lights are off when you are away

With a motion sensor

The lights will turn off when the sensor detects no movement in the room and they will turn on when household members enter the room or start moving around the house.
  • The light goes out automatically when there is no movement in the room
  • The light ”follows” household members ensuring their safety and comfort

    Be eco-friendly
    and turn off the light when there is nobody in

    Depending on daylight intensity

    When the weather changes, it gets dim outside and the house gets too dark, the system will turn on the lights in all or selected rooms.
    • Set the level of daylight at which your external lighting will be activated to illuminate the driveway and the path leading to your house.
    • Enjoy perfect lighting at all times!

    Based on scenarios

    Integrate the lighting with the closing of roller shutters, your motion sensors or other functionalities so that your home always provides maximum comfort.
    • Based on scenarios

    Use light to mimic your presence when you are away