Heating control Heating control

Heating control

That’s why you will love our system

…There is an autumn aura outside the window but your home is an oasis of blissful warmth and comfort. Your intelligent heating system will ensure that no heat is lost when the household members are at work or school. What’s more, when the time of return is approaching, Sinum will make sure that the house comforts your loved ones with the perfect temperature right from the doorstep.

Adjust the temperature to the daily rhythm with schedules

The system will achieve the set values, ensuring maximum comfort for you and your loved ones while saving on unnecessary heating when no one is at home. At the same time, it will activate at the right time to ensure the temperature is ideal when household members return from school or work.

  • Temperature tailored to the daily rhythm
  • Ideal temperature at specified times and days of the week
  • Maximum comfort without heat loss

Monitor the statistics on an ongoing basis
and control your system performance

A clear dashboard and simple navigation will make it easy for you to analyze and compare multiple parameters - as you wish and whenever you want! You can monitor the following in real-time:

  • Heating performance
  • Set temperature vs. current temperature ratio
  • Results for a given day, week, month, and more.

Ideal temperature throughout your home and in particular rooms

Do you want to set the same temperature throughout your home? Or maybe you want to increase it only in the children's bedroom? Just a moment! What’s more, if you open the windows, the system will turn off the heating and turn it on again after the room has been aired so as not to lose heat energy.
  • Temperature adjusted to individual needs of household members
  • Ideal temperature at any time of the day and night

Save money thanks to efficient heating and don't lose heat unnecessarily when there is no one at home

Enjoy ideal temperature at any time of the day and night, all year round. Set the desired temperature and forget about continuous heating control - let the system do it for you!