Safety and comfort Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort

Eliminate all risks and give your loved ones the feeling of homely bliss.

… comfort and safety are in the air because Sinum constantly monitors air purity and, if necessary, airs your home. Motion sensors stand guard over your relatives and your home assets, and in the event of smoke the system will take appropriate action. Finally, you can sleep, work and rest at ease because you know that you always protect what is most precious to you.

Smoke-free air

Automatic opening of roller shutters and airing of the house. When smoke is detected in your house, e.g. due to a failure of electronic equipment or a fire, the system will notify you immediately and it will automatically open the roller shutters and turn off the ventilation unit.
  • Smartphone notification
  • Automatic opening of roller shutters
  • Turning off the ventilation unit

Room flooding detection

Automatic closing of electric valves. In case of danger, the flood sensor will send out a signal and the relay will close the electric water valve. Thanks to this, you can avoid flooding, mess and costs related to removing the effects of a breakdown.
  • Alarm
  • Smartphone notification
  • Automatic closing of electric valve

In case of danger, the system will send you a notification and trigger a scene or an action to neutralize the threat

On guard against unwelcome visitors

The sensor detects open windows and movement when you don’t expect anybody at home.
  • Smartphone notification
  • Activating the alarm siren

Connecting an air quality sensor to a heat recovery ventilation unit

Automatic house airing . The system monitors the air quality on an ongoing basis by verifying its parameters. If the sensor detects a decrease in the parameters, the ventilation unit will start working to restore the desired level of air purity.
  • Smartphone notification
  • Automatic airing