With RS communication

Wired wall-mounted 12V DC powered RS room regulators

Accessories for wireless RS communication

In addition to room regulators with a traditional communication, TECH Controllers offers controllers with RS communication. They provide comfortable management of the temperature level in the rooms, as well as the parameters of the heating device. Room controllers have a built-in room sensor that measures the room temperature, as well as an RS communication cable to the boiler controller. Room regulator with RS communication allows you to set all the most important parameters of the heating system directly from the level of the controller and affects its operation without going down to the boiler room.

RS communication - how it works

RS communication is two-way communication based on the TECH Controllers data transmission protocol. Thanks to RS communication, you can connect further, subordinate elements of the system that support the main controller and enrich it with new functions.

Room regulator with RS communication - operation principle

Our company offers multifunctional room controllers with RS communication ensuring convenient control of room temperature, boiler, hot water tank and mixing valves right from the room. The room regulator with RS Communications, has the ability to work with boiler and installation controllers, or pellet controllers. The only condition of controllers cooperation is having RS communication. Depending on the main unit connected to the room regulator with RS communication, it can support many different functions. Thanks to the room regulator, you can check most of the temperatures sent by the main controller. If the room regulator is connected to the boiler controller it enables to change room temperature, central heating boiler temperature, and DHW temperature. In the situation when room regulators with RS communication cooperate with the valve module, they can control the temperature of mixing valves and it is possible to view the outside temperature.

Aesthetic appearance of room regulators

Our room regulators are characterized by modern design and they are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Among them are different variants of the devices. You chose both wired and wireless room regulator. A strong advantage of room regulators with RS communication is their aesthetic, minimalistic appearance. Large, touchscreens make it easier to input settings and affect the visual appearance of the device in the interior. The room regulator with RS communication is a programmable device, so depending on your preferences, you can set separate temperatures at different time intervals. A convenient solution is a weekly heating program.

EU-260 - set for controllers with RS communication

In the case of wired controllers with RS communication, you can additionally purchase a set for wireless Communication. It consists of two modules: the v1 module is a dedicated solution for the main controller with RS communication and intended for connection to a device with its own power supply. The v2 module supports additional devices, modules with RS communication such as the EU-280 room thermostat.