Sinum Sinum


Sinum - An intelligent smart home system

Your home in tune with you!

Every moment is perfect. Are you planning to build your own house?
Or maybe you are thinking about a home makeover?

You can install the Sinum smart home system in a new or existing house, flat or office - it’s up to you when and how. It’s only your individual needs that matter!

Sinum Cloud

Manage your devices while you are at work or on holiday.
Connect to many homes using any device you like, wherever you are!


Manage your home zones. Adjust functionalities to particular needs of your family members.
Divide your house into rooms and assign your devices to them.

Analyse the parameters of your devices on an ongoing basis. Optimise performance, provide greater comfort and save money.

Scenes and automations

Combine particular actions into a scene by turning on selected relays at the same time. For example, turn on the lights in selected rooms and close all the roller shutters throughout the house with one click.

Be your own comfort director! Decide when to open or close the roller shutters depending on the time or reaction of other devices. Match the scenarios to the time of the day.

Heating control

More than perfect!

Enjoy ideal temperature regardless of the weather outside.
Make your heating system react to the floor temperature, humidity or open windows.

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Lighting control

That’s (b)right!

Turn all the lights on with one button click or let it happen automatically based on motion detection.

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Controlling roller shutters and awnings

Your home is your shelter!

Combine security with privacy and control the sunlight coming in. Close the roller shutters with one click or combine this action with others into convenient scenes.

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Safety and comfort

Protect what's most precious!

Gain peace of mind and confidence. Let the system monitor the most important parameters with smoke, humidity and air purity sensors.

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