Mixing valves

Mixing valve controller is a premium class device that allows smooth control of three- and four-way valves and Valve pump. This type of controllers are becoming irreplaceable in modern central heating installations or boiler rooms. These are devices that operate independently of the main controller. Thanks to modern installation solutions, you can reduce energy demand and at the same time increase the thermal comfort of the house residents.

Mixing valve controller - what it is used for

Thanks to the mixing valves, the supply water is mixed with the return water to obtain the possibly constant temperature at the outlet. The principle of operation of the mixing valves is constant - hot and cold water is mixed through the right ratio. Valve automation such as three-way or four-way valve controllers ensures the valve is striving to maintain a constant temperature. The mixing valve controller has a display that indicates the temperature. The control is done using convinient buttons. convenient.

Different models of controllers for three-way and four-way valve

TECH Controllers offers various models of controllers for mixing valves, which are equipped with complementary modules and perform many additional functions. The mixing valve controller i-1 can cooperate addionally with two i-1 or i-1M valve modules, which gives the possibility to manage a total of three mixing valves. In addition, it is equipped with a weather-program, a weekly program and can cooperate with a room regulator. An undoubted advantage of the three-way and four-way valve controllers is protection against too low temperature of water returning to the boiler. The company's innovative device is the i-1 CWU three-way and four-way valve controller. This is an advanced mixing valve controller that has additional options such as: connecting a valve pump, an additional DHW circulation pump and a potential-free contact for starting the heating device.

Mixing valve controller - necessary in a modern installation

Each three-way valve controller or four-way valve controller of our company is characterized by modern design and high-quality materials, which ensures their trouble-free operations. These are devices LCD displays that guarantee convenient operation of the entire system for many years.