For CH pump

In smaller heating systems, where the boiler controller does not operate the pump, a central heating pump controller becomes necessary. Central heating pump controllers are electronic devices that are responsible for the operation and protection of the pump, and their use extends the life of the device. Thanks to their use, it is possible to ensure not only convenient heating control, but also optimal operation of the boiler.

How the central heating pump controller works

Central heating pump controllers are equipped with central heating temperature sensors and manage the pump operation. If we set the temperature value at which the pump is turned on, then the central heating pump controller will start it if the temperature in the boiler reaches the given value. The temperature at which the pump should switch off is also set so that it stops supplying heat from the boiler to the heating circuit. Thanks to this, it does not turn on unnecessarily. The central heating pump controllers allow not only to save energy, but also to ensure the efficient functioning of the device for a long time.

The most important functions of the central heating pump controller

Central heating pump controllers enable convenient heating control and perform basic functions, such as:

Characteristics of controllers for central heating pumps

Central heating pump controllers are used to automate the operation of boilers. This enables them to guarantee the best possible functioning of the heating system. The use of such a controller for the central heating pump significantly increases the comfort of users, as well as their safety, and makes the heating system work more efficiently. Thanks to this, you can save. Our central heating pump controllers are equipped with potentiometers or buttons. Among the central heating pump controllers there are both simpler models and more advanced ones, which enable the control of several pumps at the same time, as well as the management of the DHW pump and the floor pump. A room regulator can also be connected to some models.

DHW pump controllers

Among the pump controllers there are also those that work well with both the central heating pump and the domestic hot water pump. The DHW pump controller for the hot water tank or boiler is responsible for the correct operation of the feed pumps, which results in obtaining and maintaining the appropriate temperature in these tanks. Such DHW pump controllers make it possible to periodically increase the hot water temperature for thermal disinfection in the domestic hot water system and the fight against Legionella bacteria. Various types of DHW pump controllers are available. New to the offer is the EU-11 Eco Circulation controller. It is a device designed to control the domestic hot water circulation system in such a way as to suit the user's needs. The DHW circulation pump controller significantly reduces the waiting time for domestic hot water at the point of consumption and in the most efficient way possible to maintain full comfort of use. In this way, it saves water, energy and the device working in the system.

Detailed information on the central heating and domestic hot water pump controllers can be obtained by reading the technical specification. Thanks to pump controllers, it is possible to match the power of heating mechanisms to the gains and losses of heat in the given rooms, and thus make real savings.