Fireplace controllers

Effective burning of wood and the ability to achieve always optimal, set temperature? Such effects can be obtained by using modern, electronic fireplace controllers. This solution is dedicated to fireplace heating with a water jacket, which ensures energy efficiency, safety and comfort of use.

How do fireplaces controllers work?

Using a microprocessor, the controller for the fireplace with a water jacket controls the operation of the air damper, which supplies oxygen to the combustion chamber. Thanks to this, it is possible to maintain a set combustion temperature. In turn, maintaining a constant outlet water temperature affects the longer life of the fireplace insert.

The controller for the fireplace works with the circulation pump and the second additional pump. In addition, a standard contact element for the fireplace controller is a voltage-free contact that allows you to manage an additional heating device. Thanks to the smooth regulation of the combustion air supply, the flame does not go out and prevents the accumulation of fumes.

Controller for a fireplace with a water jacket - advantages of using

The fireplace controller manages the entire wood burning process in the fireplace insert. Thanks to this, the fireplace works more economically (fireplace controllers save wood). In addition, the controller for the fireplace protects the heating system against overheating and against freezing (for this purpose, the fireplace controller activates the central heating pump). Using the fireplace controller we have a real impact on the lower emission of dust and other harmful substances into the environment. Heat energy extracted from flue gases is not wasted, but used for heating.

ST-390 zPID and ST-392 zPID - elegant and functional controllers for fireplaces

The company TECH Controllers offers controllers for fireplace models ST-391 zPID and ST-392 zPID. They are modern fireplace controllers that control the power of a fireplace insert with a water jacket. The most important features that support it are:

Fireplace controllers work in four modes: lighting, work, supervision, blanking. They are operated using a convenient LCD display. Importantly, the presented fireplace controllers can be managed remotely. To do this, simply connect the EU-505 or Wifi RS internet module to the devices.