The energy-efficient home the need is a system that will allow efficient and effective management of thermal energy. For this purpose, controllers and temperature regulators are installed in the heating system. Although temperature controllers are small devices, they are reliable and functional. Introducing new technologies to your home allows you to increase control over your heating system with less work and enjoy the warmth in your home every day.

Temperature controllers – an offer

The company TECH Controllers is a producer and distributor of controllers for all types of heating devices (controllers for boilers, for central heating installations, mixing valves, central heating pumps). We also manufacture temperature controllers for fireplaces and floor systems, renewable energy (Sun collectors, heat pumps) or even specialized temperature controllers for saunas. Within the categories, user can choose between devices that differ in design, price and functionality. These include temperature controllers available for both wired and wireless installation.

TECH Controllers - quality and reliability

TECH Controllers is a company that aims to provide customers with the most reliable products possible. Temperature controllers are high quality, functional, aesthetic and tailored to the needs of their customers devices. Special control tests are carried out at each stage of manufacturing. Controllers and temperature regulators are available for sale in every province in Poland, as well as on the other European markets, including in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Romania and Belarus. Thanks to the heating management controllers, room temperature control has become easy. The company invests in high-class professionals, specialized equipment and the expansion of branches. The effect of the company's multi-faceted development are newer, modern devices as well as numerous improvements introduced in earlier models. Temperature controllers are products precisely made and created for even greater convenience and to cut heating costs

Remote heating control

Thanks to the modern eModul application, heating can be controlled from anywhere in the Word. The app allows you to control and edit operation parameters of e.g. boiler, fireplace or solar collectors, as well as edit the temperature in the Rooms. All you need to control is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access and EU-505 module or WiFi RS module. Simple, intuitive operation allows you to remotely control heating without any experience. The user can assign any number of Internet modules to his account, depending on how many control devices he wants to manage.