Measuring temperature is one of the main tasks performed by electronic controllers. That's why the temperature sensor is the basic element of every controller. The sensor measures the temperature level in the installation or heating device. The information transmitted by the temperature sensors is used by the controller to manage the device, e.g. shutting down the pump. The efficiency of the entire control system and the function control of the device depends on the efficiency of the temperature sensors.

Temperature sensors - principle of operation

Each temperature sensor is equipped with an element that reacts to heat changes. Usually, the controllers use resistive sensors (changing the electrical resistance of the metal with a change in temperature). Temperature sensors can vary in accuracy and range of measurement. Each controller has its own temperature sensors, thanks to which it works correctly.

Temperature sensors for installation safety

Different sensors give different possibilities to improve the heating installation. Modern boiler temperature sensors mounted in controllers ensure safe operation of the heating system. For example, thanks to the Central Heating temperature sensor, there is no possibility of boiling water in the system due to overheating the boiler or damage to the regulator, because the installation parameters will not exceed safe values. Working on optimal settings ensures savings and longer life of the heating device.

Indoor temperature measurement

Room controllers and temperature sensors are devices that guarantee the ideal room temperature. Their main task is to measure the heat in the places where they are installed. Thanks to temperature sensors, it is possible to smart operations of the controllers based on temperature changes. The sensor measures the air temperature, compares it with the set temperature and in the event of a deviation, sets a new temperature based on the recieved data. Some thermostats, in addition to the air temperature measurement, also have a floor temperature sensor. The sensor measures the temperature of the floor and prevents it from becoming too cold or too hot causing discomfort.

Weather regulation

In addition to the temperature sensor for the controller and the floor temperature sensor, you can improve the heating system by purchasing an outside temperature sensor. This small device is used to regulate boiler temperature taking into account the outside temperature. When the temperature outside the window drops, the outside temperature sensor raises the temperature on the boiler. On the other hand, in a situation where the outside temperature increases the temperature sensor lowers the heat level on the boiler controller or installation to the previously set values.

Temperature sensors - quality and reliability

TECH Controllers devices are equipped with temperature sensors manufactured in their own factory in Poland. Thanks to the use of the best quality materials and the work of experienced employees, temperature sensors are characterized by high efficiency and failure-free operation. It is worth remembering that each temperature sensor, regardless of whether it is a temperature sensor for the boiler, a floor temperature sensor or another must be mounted by a person with appropriate qualifications. Only then itwill ensure correct operation and consequently reliable results.