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What is Sinum Pro ?

Sinum Pro is an innovative ecosystem of hybrid solutions (wired and wireless), representing one of the world's first attempts to combine comfort, security, and remote monitoring and management functions in a single solution. Our solution is suitable not only for standard facilities but also for smart buildings and Industry 4.0 (industrial plants and warehouses).
The dedicated client application allows for efficient data collection, processing, and management of the entire system, both locally and in the cloud, from stationary and mobile devices.
The philosophy of Sinum Pro is based on an individual approach to each customer and a dedicated value offer, including the overall solution concept, component selection, integration, commissioning, and comprehensive post-sales service during the operation stage, such as data measurement analysis, interpretation, and optimal settings selection to achieve the goals defined by our customers.

For whom is Sinum Pro?

Join the ranks of Sinum Pro system distributors and set new standards with us in integrated comfort and security.

Increase the value of your investment (including the modernization of existing buildings) and provide everyday comfort and fire safety to your clients.

Property Manager
Gain new capabilities for assessing the operational parameters of managed buildings. Efficiently manage building infrastructure."

Design flexible solutions that meet legal requirements and align with modern trends. Streamline the design process through collaboration with professionals.

Efficiently define formal and functional requirements in your projects. Deliver modern comfort and safety solutions to clients.

Become an authorized partner of the TECH Group and gain access to the latest technologies, as well as a dedicated training and workshop offering that combines theory with practice."

Capabilities of Sinum Pro

Fire Safety and User Comfort
• Power supply and control for fire ventilation and comfort systems (smoke extraction, pressure differentiation, ventilation)
• Fire detection (temperature field monitoring, smoke/heat detection)
• Monitoring of hazardous gas levels (CO, LPG, NOx)
• Integration with building systems SSP, BMS, SIUP

Photovoltaics and Energy Storage
• Detection of electrical arcs in photovoltaic installations
• Monitoring of photovoltaic panel temperatures
• Monitoring of functional parameters of energy storage systems

• Monitoring the operating parameters of charging stations and vehicle charging points (with automatic power disconnection function)
• Early and precise fire hazard detection
• Fire suppression using a local sprinkler system
• Integration with the fire ventilation system (additional fire scenario)

Wireless Security Monitoring
• Smoke detection
• Air temperature monitoring
• Monitoring the position of doors and fire doors
• Flood detection and water pressure monitoring in hydrants
• Detection of structural overloads such as roofs or warehouse racks
• Machine vibration monitoring

Sample Applications of Sinum Pro

Public Procurement

Public administration, government offices, universities, schools, volunteer fire departments
• Heating and lighting control
• Energy consumption optimization
• Fire ventilation in garages, stairwell smoke extraction, local fire suppression, electric vehicle charging stations
• Management of alternative energy sources installations (heat pumps, photovoltaics, energy storage

Commercial Investments

hotels, guesthouses, residential buildings

• Heating and lighting control
• Energy consumption optimization
• Access control
• Fire detection and suppression
• Smoke extraction in stairwells and underground garages
• Management of alternative energy sources installations

Industrial Investments

industrial plants, warehouses, and logistics centers

• Fire detection and suppression (charging areas for electric vehicles, e.g., battery-operated forklifts)
• Access control
• Smoke extraction and residential ventilation in industrial and warehouse halls
• Wireless security monitoring, e.g., smoke detection, flood detection, structural overload detection

Solutions for Comfort Systems

When using Sinum Pro, all comfort system management functions are executed from a central unit that enables data collection and processing, control, and remote monitoring of selected operating parameters. Changing settings and managing all system components are possible both locally and remotely through the Sinum Cloud service. Communication between devices within the system can occur through wired, wireless, or hybrid (wired and wireless) means.

• Heating control
• Lighting control
• Blinds and gate control
• Energy consumption optimization
• Access control

• Comfort and flexibility at your fingertips. With just a few clicks, you can adjust the temperature in a specific room, program it based on your needs, turn lights on or off, or raise or lower blinds.
• Safety. By investing in flood, smoke, and air quality sensors, you ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones.
• Access to information 24/7. You can receive specific information about what's happening in your home at any time. You can control the system in real-time and do so from anywhere in the world.
• Savings. When you manage electronic devices wisely, you consume less energy

Solutions for Fire Safety Systems

Sinum Pro enables power supply and control of fire protection devices in both simple and complex smoke and heat control systems (smoke extraction, jet ventilation, pressure differentiation) as well as firefighting systems (sprinkler, mist, and sprinkler installations). The advantage of using Sinum Pro in such applications is continuous monitoring of system operating parameters, straightforward visualization, and integration with overarching building systems, e.g., BMS, SSP, SIUP.

• Power supply and control for smoke extraction fans, jet fans, residential ventilation, smoke dampers, fire ventilation dampers, and fire cutoff dampers, smoke curtains, fire doors, and other devices
• Monitoring of power supply circuit continuity (interruption/short circuit) for smoke extraction fan motors and damper actuators
• Early detection and precise indication of the location of a fire hazard
• Human presence monitoring

• Modular construction, simple programming (dedicated graphical configurator with code validation function)
• Integration with other building systems such as BMS, SSP, SIUP
• Reliability and durability, real-time fault detection with alarms.

Solutions for Hybrid Security Monitoring Systems

Sinum Pro is designed to expand standard power supply and control functionalities with wireless monitoring of selected parameters essential for ensuring high system flexibility and security. This is achieved through the integration of battery-powered sensors and two-way wireless communication sensors using LoRa® technology.

• Collecting data from remote sensors (range of 2 - 7 km depending on terrain and building layout)
• Wireless control of system executive devices, e.g., door opening, fan activation, lighting control, message display, etc.
• Integration of extensive building complexes with diverse functions, e.g., within industrial plants

• The ability to eliminate the need for power and control wiring
• The ease of changing the system architecture and relocating receivers
• Low power consumption and long battery life (current consumption during periodic receiver operation is approximately 10 mA).

Solutions for Electromobility

Sinum Pro system enables the management of building infrastructure for charging vehicles equipped with lithium-ion batteries, as well as local energy generation and storage. The available functionalities include not only energy consumption monitoring and optimization but also early fire hazard detection and local fire suppression using automatically activated sprinkler systems.

• Power supply for charging stations/chargers with automatic power disconnection in case of a fire
• Charging of electric and hybrid cars (AC chargers with 11 and 22 kW power)
• Early and precise fire hazard detection
• Local fire suppression (i-Sprink device kit)

• User comfort and fire safety
• Energy consumption monitoring
• Client application for remote management of charging stations
• Control of fire power development using a local sprinkler system – protection of lives and property
• Easy integration with the fire ventilation system (separate fire scenario)

Sinum Pro for the Customer

System Management Panel

The Sinum Pro application allows for simple and intuitive management of all system functionalities, both locally and remotely from anywhere in the world. Through the application, monitoring of key operating parameters is possible, as well as changing their settings and creating schedules. The customer has access to a clear panel that can be individually configured according to needs and preferences.

  • Heating Management
  • Cloud Access
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Automations
  • Dashboard
  • Statistics

Remote Monitoring