Product description

BUFFER pump controller

The regulator's task is to turn on the device after the temperature drops below the underheating threshold measured in the upper part of the buffer (T2 sensor), and to turn it off after reaching the additional heating threshold measured in the lower part of the buffer (T1 sensor). This prevents unnecessary operation of the device, which saves electricity and extends the life of the device. As a result, its reliability increases and operating costs are reduced.
The EU-21 BUFFER regulator is equipped with a system that prevents the pump from stagnating during a longer standstill. Every 10 days, the pump is switched on for 1 minute.

Contact output (NO/COM)
The controller can also work with any external device switched on the basis of contact / opening. The auxiliary device output, when the pump is not working, is in the open position, and when the pump is switched on, the contact closes.

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