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Tech Controllers is a rapidly growing Polish company dealing in the design, production and sale of devices for intelligent heating control. Modern controllers for the management of the heating system and room temperature control are distributed to 19 European countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, Russia and Belarus.

An intelligent heating system in every home

The controllers are used for precise measurement of room temperature, its convenient editing and increasing the efficiency of the entire heating system.
The offer includes:

  • Radiator heating controllers
  • floor heating controllers
  • controllers for central heating installation
  • room regulators
  • renewable energy controllers
  • fireplace controller
  • boiler controllers
  • other specialized devices.

Among the available devices for intelligent heating control are both models designed for wired and wireless installation. Controllers, during manufacturing undergo tests that guarantee their reliability and long life. To increase the convenience of system operation, the company has prepared additional intelligent heating solutions, including the eModul internet app that allows you to control your home heating anywhere, anytime using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Modern heating system - full comfort and savings

The use of intelligent heating solutions allows you to get the two most important benefits associated with heating: comfort and savings. Editing the temperature in each room separately depending on the time of day, room type and individual preferences of the household members. This freedom Allowi users for full thermal comfort important for health and well-being. With modern electronics, the heating system works more efficiently, using less fuel, which reduces heating costs. Intelligent heating also has a positive effect on the environment.