EU-392 zPID

Controller for Chimneys * Touchscreen, color display

Product description

Controller for Chimneys

* Touchscreen, colour display


Functions Performed by the Controller:

  • Control of the operation of the circulating pump

  • Control of the operation of an additional pump, DHW or floor (type of pump to be selected)

  • Operation of the throttle

  • A contactor switching on or off the operation of e gas furnace, depending on the required temperature of water in the circulation, taking into account the hysteresis

  • zPID software


Controller’s Equipment:

  • Large touchscreen, colour LCD display

  • Flue gas temperature sensor

  • DHW temperature sensor

  • CH temperature sensor

  • Throttle

Product parameters

Wyszczególnienie Jednostka  
Power supply V 230V/50Hz +/-10%
Power consumption W 4
Ambient temperature °C 5÷50
Pump output load A 0,5
Potential-free max output load A 1
Temperature adjustment range °C 40÷80
Measurement accuracy °C 1
Sensor thermal resistance °C -25÷90
Fuse A 3,15


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