Product description

Wireless electric actuator - radiator thermostat

The STT-868 device is a modern electronic thermostat designed for mounting on a radiator. The wireless electric actuator is a small size product and its characteristic features are comfort of use, aesthetics and functionality. Electronic radiator actuators are perfect for both private homes and public utilities. They ensure optimal thermal comfort and savings.

What is the wireless electric actuator for?

Each electronic radiator thermostat is a device that allows simple and effective temperature management in the zone in which it was installed. Using radiator thermostats managed remotely, you can perfectly match the temperature in the rooms to your liking and at the same time reduce heating costs. By mounting wireless electric actuators in every room in the house, you can vary the temperature depending on the your day activity, purpose of the zone or time of day.

How to install a wireless electric actuator?

1. Installation of the device is very simple and intuitive. The actuator communicates with the master device wirelessly, so you can avoid forging walls and associated costs and clutter. The electronic thermostat is simply screwed to the radiator head and then, after removing the cover, install the batteries.

2. After doing this, the device will begin automatic calibration.

3. For the electronic thermostat to work efficiently, register it in the selected master controller, and then press the communication button, which is located under the actuator cover. The double flashing of the control diode means that device has been registered correctly. From now on, the wireless electric actuator will work in the zone to maintain thermal comfort and save space.

Wireless electric actuator - intelligent control

Special modern devices are used to manage thermostats mounted on radiators. The electronic thermostat can be controlled from the level of wireless regulators EU-WiFi-8S, EU-16S WiFi  or the controllers of thermostatic actuators:  EU-L-8e, EU-L-4 WiFi, EU-L-9R. Communication between the electronic thermostat and a management device is wireless. The electronic radiator thermostat processes the commands received from the master controller and transforms them into the corresponding valve opening values. The installation of wireless electric actuators in every room allows full control over the temperature in the house at any time of the day or night.

Wireless electric actuator - convenience and savings

An efficiently operating system, which includes an wireless electric actuators and the master device provide high thermal comfort as well as large savings. Devices for managing the system can operate electronic actuators mounted in up to 16 different heating zones (EU-16S WiFi). Thus, electronic radiator thermostats and a management device can maintain an optimal, individual temperature in up to 16 rooms of a residential building.

Technical Data:

  • Output - nut with M30x1,5 thread

  •  Possibility to order adapter for M28 thread and "CLICK" version

  •  Communication - wireless, frequency 868MHz

  •  Power supply - 2 x 1.5V AA batteries

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