STT-230/2 M28

Thermoelectric actuator

Product description



TThermoelectric actuator STT are designed for automatic opening and closing heating circuits. To fit on manifold or radiator valves. It can be operated by a series of controllers dedicated to underfloor heating or by room regulators only.


Thermoelectric actuator STT is equipped with a valve stem position indicator .

They are equipped with an electric cable and a nut with a thread for mounting directly on the manifold or radiator valve. The actuators are currentless closed (NC).

Technical data:

Fittings: nut with M28 x 1,5 screw thread

Opening time: ~5 min.

Max. operation temperature: 60°C

Class: IP54

Stroke: 4,5 mm

Work power - 2W

Power supply: 230V 50Hz