EU-L-4X WiFi EU-L-4X WiFi

EU-L-4X WiFi

Universal controller with a built-in WiFi module, designed to manage underfloor heating. EU-L-4X WiFi controller is used to manage thermoelectric actuators mounted on the valves. In a mixed system, EU-L-4X WiFi also controls EU-G-X or STT-869 wireless electric actuators.

Why L-4X WiFi?

  • Rational control of thermal energy
  • Full adjustment to needs and daily activities
  • Option for wired or wireless communication between devices
  • New wired communication(RS485) with dedicated devices
  • Built-in WiFi module
  • Posibilty of remote control via the eModul application
  • Ability to control underfloor heating system as well as radiator heating
  • Heating/cooling function

Small device, big possibilities

• Control of 8 radiator zones or 4 radiator zones and 4 underfloor zones (built-in 4 voltage relay outputs)
• Control of 8 underfloor zones when connecting the ML-4X WiFi expansion module (additional 4 voltage relay outputs)
• Control of 8 zones using dedicated wired room regulators or wireless room regulators or temperature sensors
• Control of 4 zones using wired temperature sensors C-7p
• Control of underfloor temperature sensor C-8f
• Control of external temperature sensor C-8zr and weather control
• One 230V output for a pump, one voltage-free contact (e.g., for controlling a heating device)
• Communication with dedicated devices using the TECH SBUS protocol
• Ability to control wireless actuators G-X/STT-869 (max. 6 units per zone)
• Each zone can accommodate up to 6 wireless window opening sensors C-2n
• Ability to connect 6 executive modules MW-1 or MW-1 230V
• Ability to connect valve module i-1 or i-1m
• Built-in WiFi module
• Ability to control the installation via the Internet via the eModul application
• Heating/cooling function
• Software update via USB

What, where, how?

  1. Wired system room regulators
    possibility of connecting 8 pcs
  2. Voltage-free contact
    switching on the heating device
  3. Voltage contact
    turning on the circulation pump
  4. Voltage outputs
    possibility of connecting up to 25 thermoelectric actuators
  5. Wired temperature sensors
    possibility of connecting 4 pcs.

Weekly work schedules

In each zone, the user can set 6 weekly schedules: 1-local, 5-global.

Local schedule – assigned to one zone.

Global schedule – the same temperature settings in all zones.

In addition to schedules, the user can set a constant set temperature value or one that will apply only at a precisely defined time.

Online managed mixed floor and radiator heating

The controller for underfloor and radiator heating has a built-in special WiFi module that ensures convenient, remote change of parameters from the eModul application. On the main tile page you can check the status of devices operating in the system and change temperature settings. Via the application, you can set the temperature for a given zone (permanent or indicate a time-limited temperature). Additionally, there is an option to create weekly work schedules both for a given zone and for any number of zones.

For hot days

Thanks to the heating/cooling function in the L-4X WiFi controller, we can also control surface cooling. Room regulators equipped with an air humidity sensor are useful to control such work.

Many communication options

Thanks to the built-in radio module in the L-4X WiFi controller, there are many communication options of the entire system. Communication between measuring devices (sensor or regulator) can be wired or wireless.

Sensor - cable - 2 wires
Regulator - cable - 4 wires
Regulator or sensor - wireless

Remote control

With the eModul application you can
manage the temperature wherever you are
and whenever you want.

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Made in Poland

Devices designed and manufactured in Poland


Made in Poland

Devices designed and manufactured in Poland


Product parameters

Power supply 230V 50Hz
MAX load pump output 0,5 A
MAX load 1-8 outputs 0,3 A
voltage-free contact • / 1 A
Communications Wired- 4 cord TECH SBUS
Wireless- TECH WTP 868 MHz
Dimensions [mm] 183 x 120 x 53

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