Regulators powered by 230V-wireless

EU-297z v2

WIRELESS TWO-STATE ROOM REGULATOR (flush mounted) 230V powered

Product description

Wireless Two-State Room Regulator

*temporary illumination of the display


Functions Performed by the Controller:

  • Wireless communication
  • Control of the room temperature
  • Day/night program
  • Manual program>
  • 2-wire connection
  • non-voltage No/Com/Nc relay (max. 1A/230V/AC)
  • Additional control based on floor temperature (if wired NTC floor sensor is used)


Controller’s Equipment:

  • Temporary illumination of the display
  • Built-in room sensor
  • Power adapter (signal receiver) with No/Com/Nc relay (max. 1A/230V/AC)
  • Power supply :230V 50Hz


Product parameters

Specification Unit
Dimensions mm 84x84x13

Files to download