Additional accessories


Wired external temperature sensor, KTY type, dedicated to controllers equipped with a mixing valve e.g. i-1, i-1m, i-3, i-3, i-3 PLUS

Product description

The external temperature sensor EU-291P KTY is an additional device that can be purchased as part of the expansion of controllers equipped with a mixing valve such as i-1, i-1 m, i-3, i-3 PLUS. The device measures the temperature outside the building and is designed for wired installation. After completing the installation process and connecting the sensor, activate the "Weather-forecast" function in the main controller menu. For the device to work properly, it is necessary to set the preset temperature for four external temperatures: -20 ° C, -10 ° C, 0 ° C and 10 ° C. The sensor should be placed in a place not exposed to weather conditions and sunlight.