Regulators powered by 230V-wireless

EU-297z v2

WIRELESS TWO-STATE ROOM REGULATOR (flush mounted) 230V powered Avilable soon!
  • Product description
Wireless Two-State Room Regulator

*temporary illumination of the display


Functions Performed by the Controller:

  • Wireless communication
  • Control of the room temperature
  • Day/night program
  • Manual program
  • 2-wire connection
  • non-voltage No/Com/Nc relay (max. 1A/230V/AC)
  • Additional control based on floor temperature (if wired NTC floor sensor is used)


Controller’s Equipment:

  • Temporary illumination of the display
  • Built-in room sensor
  • power adapter (signal receiver) with No/Com/Nc relay (max. 1A/230V/AC)
  • power supply :230V 50Hz

Dimmensions: 84x84x13 mm

grzanie-chlodzenie_ico_web Heating / Cooling mode:

This function allows you to control devices used for heating, such as cooling devices or air conditioners. In order to configure the operation, select the function in the menu that you want the regulator to perform (heating or cooling).


czujnik-temp-pod_ico_webFLOOR TEMPERATURE sensor:

When using an additional floor temperature sensor, the room regulator will control the room temperature taking into account the floor temperature (set the minimum and maximum floor temperature). Among other things, we can prevent the floor from cooling down in well-sunny rooms.