Regulators and temperature sensors-wireless, battery

EU-294 v2

The type EU-294 room regulator is intended to control a heating device (e.g. a gas furnace, an oil furnace, an electrical furnace or the boiler’s controller). This regulator is designed to maintain the set temperature in the apartment by sending a signal to the heating device (opening contact) with information about heating up the room to the required temperature.
  • Product description
Wireless two-state room thermostat v2

* white or black


  • controlling room temperature +/- with 0,1 deg. C accuracy
  • histeresis range 0,2- 8  deg. C
  • key lock possibility
  • wireless communication
  • non-voltage No/Com/Nc relay (max. 1A/230V/AC)
  • many function available in menu (availability depends on software version while  controller was made, see manual included)

Controller’s Equipment:

  • LCD display
  • Built-in room sensor
  • batteriess 2xAAA
  • power adapter (signal receiver) with No/Com/Nc relay

Dimmentions [mm] 80 x 80 x 21