Hotels system

Heating Control in a GUESTHOUSE OR HOTEL

Product description

This system is intended to control heating in guesthouses or hotel buildings. Applying this solution enables the personnel control at all times over the current temperatures in the rooms and to change them manually or by selecting one of the preset programs: occupied, vacant, or protection.
The whole system is managed through the administration panel where information about alerts and changes in given zones is also displayed.
The user can be notified about alert states in the form of an e-mail and text message (optionally)


 Strefy i czujnikiReception Desk

The user can view and search:
- zones classified by their attributes: floor, suite (current, set temperatures, and statuses) changes in assigned daily control (status)

 Sterowanie doboweDaily Control

A room (zone) may be set to one of four statuses: occupied, free, protection, or „manual operation”. For each of these statuses, the administrator may set temperatures for each hour of the day


Recepcja ikona Zones and Sensors

- Assigning sensors to zones
- The zones identified in a hotel are edited based on which type of room is chosen and entering its attributes (TAGs - floor, room number) as needed for future searches for a specific zone or zone group
- List of available sensors (physical part) with a search engine and filter



- Available search mode - filtering by attributes
- Possibility to change the status of high-end suites: FREE /OCCUPIED /Protection /MANUAL OPERATION
- Possible automatic change of the parameters for day zones
- Bookings on the basis of date /hour calendar (additional option)
- Alert panel (no communication with the wiring center, sensor errors, extremely high/low temperatures)
- A panel with information about „what happened” recently in the system (automatic and manual changes in day settings, alerts)