WiFi ROOM REGULATOR WITH OPENTHERM COMMUNICATION The use of a room regulator ensures intelligent maintenance of the set room temperature by automatic proportional regulation of the set boiler temperature. The controller can adjust the parameters of the control algorithm by the user. The device is compatible with the OpenTherm / plus (OT +) and OpenTherm / lite (OT-) protocols. The large, readable display allows for very convenient operation of the controller and modulation of its parameters. Easy mounting on the wall, the aesthetics of the device and its reasonable price are other advantages of the regulator. WiFi communication - supervision by the e-Modul application The set includes a wireless room regulator R-8b and a cable external temperature sensor EU-291p NTC
  • Product description

Room regulator with OpenTherm communication (compatibility to version 4.0)


  • intelligently maintaining the set room temperature
  • intelligent control of the set temperature of the central heating boiler
  • change of the preset boiler temperature based on the outside temperature (weather control)
  • viewing the outside temperature
  • weekly program of room and boiler heating
  • displaying information about alarms of the heating device
  • access to the temperature charts of the heating device
  • WiFi online communication



  • large, easy to read display,
  • R-8b wireless room regulator,
  • wired outdoor temperature sensor ST-291p NTC