Floor heating controllers

EU-L-4 WiFi

Universal controller for thermostatic actuators (8 sections), built in WiFi module

Product description

EU-L-4 WiFi is a controller for mixed heating systems, designed to manage a boiler and actuators controlling water flow in up to 8 CH zones (max 4 floor heating zones, 4 radiator zones controlled wireless).

Most important controller functions for floor and radiator heating system

The new, small controller for mixed heating systems is a device that can control the operation of both the underfloor heating system and the radiator heating system. The universal heating controller allows you to manage 8 different zones, including 4 zones with mounted underfloor heating and 4 zones with mounted radiator heating. The control is carried out using sensors, regulators and thermostatic actuators installed in the zones. In the first four zones, you can choose between wired sensors and wireless sensors or room thermostats, in the remaining zones it is necessary to use wireless sensors or roomthermostats.

Online managed mixed floor and radiator heating

The controller for underfloor and radiator heating has a special WiFi module built in, which provides a convenient, remote change of parameters from the eModul application. On the main page with displayed all zones, you can control the status of devices running in the system and change temperature settings. Through the application, you can set the temperature for each zone (constant or indicate a temperature limited in time). Additionally, there is an option to create weekly work schedules both, single or multiple zones at one time.

Design of controller for mixed heating type well-fitted for Your needs

The wireless-wired heating controller is developed and functional device. The appearance of the device screen can be adapted to your needs using one of the three available solutions: WiFi - the name of the connected network and signal strength are displayed, zones - information about the current and set values in zones is displayed, additional contacts - data on additional controlled contacts weekly. Additionally, you can change the contrast and brightness of the L-4 WiFi controller for underfloor heating and radiator heating, or set the idle time, after which the device goes into blanking mode. 

Product parameters

Power supply 230V 50Hz
Output 1-4 load 0,3 A
Potential-free contact max. output load • / 0,5 A
Communication Wired/Wireless
Controller size [mm] 110 x 163 x 57

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