The EU-402n temperature regulator is intended for the operation of the solar collector installation. This device controls the operation of the main (collector) pump on the basis of temperature measurement on the collector and in the accumulation tank. Optionally, it is possible to connect an additional device: a circulating pump, an electric heater or feed the signal to the CH boiler in order to fire it up.
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Solar Collector Controller

EU-402n controller in a new casing

EU-402 controller in a traditional casing


Functions Performed by the Controller:

  • Control of the pump operation (or the pump and the valve)
  • Supervision and handling the solar system’s operation for nine configurations of the system
  • Protection against collector overheating and freezing
  • The possibility to connect an additional device: circulating pump, electric heater or sending a signal to the CH boiler to fire it up


Controller’s Equipment:

  • Large, clear LCD display
  • Collector temperature sensor
  • Heat container temperature sensor
  • A casing made from high-quality materials
Specification Unit  
Power supply V 230V/50Hz +/- 10%
Maximum power consumption W 4
Ambient temperature °C 5÷50
Max. load for each output A 1
Measurement accuracy °C 1
Sensor thermal resistance °C -30÷180
Fuse A 3,15
Temperature adjustment range °C 8÷90