Regulator with RS communication dedicated to EU-i-2, EU-i-3, EU-i-3 PLUS
  • Product description

Room regulator with RS communication dedicated to the EU-i-2, EU-i-3 and EU-i-3 Plus installation controllers

Functions performed by the controller:

  • room temperature control
  • day / night program
  • hand mode
  • adjustable hysteresis from 0.2 ° C
  • possibility of connecting a floor sensor
  • temporary backlight
  • touch keys

DIMENSIONS: 95x95x25 mm

Needs 4 wire connection with 

The use of a dedicated regulator with RS communication enables the connection of several regulators with RS communication to the main controllers: to EU-i-2, EU-i-3 and EU-i-3 Plus controllers. Customer can use same nomber of thermostats as used circuits (2 with EU-i-2, 3 with EU-i-3 etc.) The advantage of using a dedicated controllers is the possibility of proportional control with separate mixing valves, as well as the possibility of viewing and changing the room temperature online.