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Mixing valve actuator controller
  • Product description
  • Product parameters

• 1 Mixing valve actuator controller 
• 2 additional valve actuators (possibility to add 2 slave modules EU-i-1 or EU-i-1m)
• 1 pump
• weather based temperature control
weekly schedule
• the ability to control by means of a two-state room regulator or an RS room regulator
• return water control
• optional online access with internet module


• smooth control of a three- or four-way valve
• control of valve pump operation
• possibility of controlling two other valves using additional modules EU-i-1, EU-i-1m
• compatible with modules EU-505 and EU-WIFI RS - eModul application
• return temperature protection
• weather-based and weekly control
• compatible with room regulators using RS or two-state communication

• LCD display
• CH boiler temperature sensor
• return temperature sensor and valve temperature sensor
• external sensor
• wall-mountable housing
Principle of operation
The i-1 thermoregulator is designed to control a three-way or four-way mixing valve with the possibility of connecting additional valve pump. Optionally, this controller may cooperate with two modules, enabling the user to control up to three mixing valves.


Power V 230V +/-10% /50Hz
Maximum power consumption W 4
Accuracy °C 1
Min÷Max work temperature °C -30÷99
Temperature measurement range °C 8÷85
Temperature measurement set °C 8÷90
Valve output load A 1 A