EU-880 zPID

The EU–880 zPID temperature regulator is intended for CH boilers. It controls the CH water circulation pump, the DHW pump, the circulation pump or the valve, the mixing valve and the fan.
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Controller for Charging Boilers with Operation of the Mixing Valve


Functions performed by the controller:

  • Fan control
  • Control of the mixing valve actuator
  • Control of the CH pump
  • Control of the DHW pump
  • Control of the additional pump
  • The possibility to connect a room regulator with RS or traditional communication
  • The possibility to connect the EU-65 GSM module
  • The possibility to connect the EU-505 ETHERNET module
  • The possibility to control two valves with the use of the additional EU-61 v4 or EU-430 RS modules
  • zPID software


Controller’s equipment:

  • Large graphic display facilitating the controller’s operation
  • Pulsator knob
  • CH temperature sensor
  • DHW temperature sensor
  • Valve and return temperature sensor
  • Flue gas outlet temperature sensor
  • External sensor (additional option)
  • Power supply cable
  • Pump power supply cable
  • A thermal protection
  • Panel casing for the boiler’s installation or in a metal casing
Specification Unit  
Power supply V 230V/50Hz +/-10%
Maximum power consumption W 11
Ambient temperature °C 5÷50
CH pump max. output load A 0,5
Fan output load A 0,6
DHW pump max. output load A 0,5
Measurement accuracy °C 1
Temperature adjustment range °C 45÷80
Sensor thermal resistance °C -25÷90
Fuse A 6,3