PS-08 230

PS-08 230 module relay for DIN rail

Product description


  • 8 relays to control 8 circuits
  • 8 voltage outputs 230V
  • dedicated to zone heating
  • wireless communication
  • mounting on a DIN rail

PS-08 230 is a device dedicated to control floor heating with 8 thermoelectric actuators. It can also switch on other devices powered by 230V. PS-08 230 has 8 relays – voltage outputs and it is mounted on a TH35 rail connecting actuators or other devices to the outputs. In combination with the EH-01 central device, it can create a smart heating system at home. PS-08 230 communicates wirelessly with the EH-01 central device. After connecting the PS-08 230, we will be able to independently control 8 relays in the device using a web or a mobile application. In combination with the EH-01 central device, with FRAME, SINGLE or DOUBLE series regulators and thermostatic actuators, it is possible to control zone heating in the house – up to 8 zones. We can set heating schedules and set various dependencies during its operation. It is also possible to remotely control, add scenes, actions and set schedules, scenes, automation for any device connected to the PS-08 230 output.

Product parameters

Specification Value
Communication Wireless 868MHz
Height 89 mm
Width 140 mm
Depth 65 mm
Power Supply 230 V AC
Power Consumption 1 W
Operating Temperature 5°C - 50°C
Number of Relay Outputs 8
Max Relay Load 0.3 A