PPZ-02 relay for an electrical box to control roller shutters

Product description


  • operating the roller shutter up and down
  • 2 relays to control the directions of lifting and lowering the roller shutters
  • wireless communication
  • mounting in an electrical box

Do you already have a set of switches that match the style of your home interior? But you want to add some intelligence to them? Nothing is lost! Thanks to the PPZ-02, you can connect standard roller shutters switches to the Sinum system.

The PPZ-02 is a small device that is placed in an electrical box, which makes it invisible. Communicates wirelessly with the EH-01 central device. After connecting the PPZ-02, we will be able to independently control roller shutters, both via the mobile application and manually via the wall switch. After adding and programming the PPZ-02 in the EH-01 central device, it allows the remote control as well as adding scenes and actions using the switch and set schedules.

The only condition for the use of PPZ-02 is the neutral wire, apart from the phase wire, in the electrical box.

Product parameters

Specification Value
Communication Wireless WTP 868MHz
Height 37 mm
Width 47 mm
Depth 30 mm
Power Supply 230 V AC
Power Consumption 1 W
Operating Temperature 5°C - 50°C
Number of Relay Outputs 2
Max Relay Load 0.5 A