2-gang touch glass, frame mountable roller shutter switch FZ-02

Product description


  • operating roller shutter up/down
  • the ability to change the backlit colour and display mode
  • the ability to change the brightness level 0-100%
  • mode of automatic adjustment of the brightness of the backlit to the lighting conditions of the room
  • mounting into a 55×55 mm frame

Leave the switch frames to match the rest of the sockets in your home and upgrade traditional switches to smart ones like FZ-02m. Make your wall switches look stylish and intelligent. Replace your old switches with those from the FRAME series to control roller shutters connected to the SINUM smart home system. The 2-gang touch switch is equipped with 2 relays and 2 sensor fields, allowing you to operate the roller shutters (up and down) connected to the switch directly from its installation location.

After adding and programming the FZ-02m switch in the EH-01 central device, you can control it remotely and add scenes and actions. Whether the sun is too bright or you want a cinematic experience while watching a movie, it's easy now! Connect the roller shutter switch to the SINUM system and control the roller shutters from anywhere. You can also set up automations and scenes based on lighting conditions. Thanks to the EH-01 central device, you can freely configure it according to your needs.

The switch includes a built-in LED that indicates the device status (on/off). Users can adjust the backlight color and brightness using the SINUM application. 

Product parameters

Specification Value
Communication Wireless WTP 868 MHz
Height 54.98 mm
Width 54.98 mm
Depth 54.98 mm
Power Supply 230 V AC
Power Consumption 1 W
Operating Temperature 5°C - 50°C
Number of Relay Outputs 2
Max Relay Load 0.5 A