LED dimmer DIM-S5

Product description


  • Control of white LED strip intensity, 5 strips
  • Wireless communication
  • DIN rail mounting on TH35

LED light dimmers enable smooth adjustment of LED strip light intensity within the range of 0 to 100% of total lighting power. They support 5 LED strips simultaneously. You can choose the light color within the range of 3000°K - 6000°K (from cool to neutral to warm) depending on the selected scene, automation, or manual settings.

The module operates on a voltage of 12-24V DC, and each channel can handle a load of up to 3A. Communication with the Sinum central unit is wireless.

Product parameters

Specification Value
Communication Wireless WTP 868MHz
Height 89 mm
Width 35 mm
Depth 65 mm
Power Supply 24 V DC
Operating Temperature 5°C - 50°C