Wireless flood detector CZ-01

Product description


  • Wireless communication
  • Water leak detection

The CZ-01 water leak sensor is a discreet and compact device that ensures the safety of our home. Placed in a room prone to potential water network failures, this device monitors and alerts us when a leak is detected. It communicates wirelessly with the EH-01 central unit. The CZ-01 sensor is an excellent addition to a smart home security system. Thanks to its minimalist design and small size, it can be placed near water connections, washing machines, or anywhere it may be useful.

The CZ-01 water leak sensor checks for water leakage in the area where it is placed, thanks to the sensors on the bottom of the sensor. The sensor is waterproof, ensuring it continues to function and provide alerts until the threat has subsided. By registering the CZ-01 water leak sensor with the EH-01 central unit and setting up automation for leak detection, you can, for example, shut off the main water valve and receive notifications in the event of a water leak. This will help protect your home from serious damage.

Feel safe in your own home!

Product parameters

Specification Value
Communication Wireless WTP 868MHz
Height 21 mm
Width 64 mm
Depth 64 mm
Power Supply 2x AAA 1,5V DC
Operating Temperature 5°C - 50°C