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Room regulator with RS communication

Principle of operation :

Application of a room regulator provides convenient control of the room, CH boiler and valve temperature directly from home without the need to go to the boiler room.
Clear, large, colour touch screen enables very convenient handling of the regulator and modulation of its parameters. Easy installation on the wall, aesthetic appearance of the device and its reasonable price are other advantages of the regulator.

Functions performed by the controller:

  • - Control of the room temperature
  • - Control of the CH pump
  • - Control of the DHW temperature
  • - Control of the mixing valve temperature (available in cooperation with the mixing valve module)
  • - External temperature monitoring (available in cooperation with valve module)
  • - Weekly heating programme
  • - Alarm
  • - Parental lock
  • - Display of current boiler temperature and room temperature

Equipment of controller:

  • - Large, clear, colour touch LCD display
  • - Built-in room sensor
  • - RS communication cable for boiler controller
  • - RS wireless communication module (optional)
Specifications Unit
Range of the room temperature setting s °C 10÷30
Supply voltage V 12 DC
Maximum power consumption W 1,3
Accuracy of measurement °C 0,1
Ambient temperature °C 5÷50

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